A poem by Predu Mura

First published in Predu Mura, Sas poesias d'una bida, (edizione critica a cura di N. Tanda), 2DEditrice Mediterranea, Sassari, 1992.
Bendimus tempus barattu
The original Sardinian
by Predu Mura
Bendimus tempus barattu,
chie còmporat tempus?
Chie còmporat tempus sardu?
Lu bendimus a oras
A annos a edades:
tempus de provvista,
tempus zóvanu,
tempus forte,
tempus galliardu,
tempus d'oro.
N'd hamus in arrivu
Mizas d'annos;
comporae tempus barattu.
Tempus sonniau
Tempus sospirau
Tempus firmu
Chin frores de prantu.
Tempus nobu e tempus betzu,
picae semper tempus.
Su tempus est dinare
Chie hat tempus no isettet tempus.
Tempus tempus
Tempus sardu
Tempus anticu
Tempus eternu.
Time for sale at rock-bottom prices
English Translation
© F.Chessa & G.Brelstaff
Time for sale at rock-bottom prices,
Who'll buy time?
Who'll buy fine Sardinian time?
We sell here by the hour,
by the year or the eon:
time from our stock,
time young,
time strong,
time hardy as a rock,
time gone gold in hue.
We're due in
a millenium or two;
Come buy time at rock-bottom prices.
Time dreamt of,
Time yearned for,
time stopped
among flowers of tears.
Time old and time new,
pray take, you, your time.
Time's money
Time waits on no man
Time, time
Time Sardinian
Time ancient
Time everlasting.
Time blast it!