A poem by Antonio Mura Ena [A][B][C][D]

First published in Recuida, Edes, Sassari, 1998. La Biblioteca di Babele, Collana di letteratura sarda plurilingue, Diretta dal Prof. Nicola Tanda. [Commentary]
Peraula bia
The original Sardinian
by A.M. Ena
Una peraula bia
cando est offerta e nada
ed est sa prima orta
chi dae bucca bessit,
in s'istante matessi est accabada.
Est cunsumida e morta.

E gai naraian
chin milli arresionos
sabidores antigos,
e serios e bonos.
e sos appentados
fideles, bi creian.

Ma eo,
chi non so sabidore
ne antigu e ne nou,
ma cunsideradore
de bonu cunsideru
darelis potto prou
chi 'onzi umana peraula
nada a omine biu, e ascultada
in risu o in piantu, tando solu
incomintzat a vivere.
Ed est de pensamentu eternu bolu.
A Word Lives
English Translation
© F.Chessa & G.Brelstaff
A word lives
when offered up and said
and once issued
from the mouth
it vanishes in that moment:
Consumed and dead.

This they told us,
through thousands of utterances
old men, wise,
earnest and good;
and the diligent
faithful believe it understood.

But I,
who am neither wise
old, nor new,
a mere considerer I
of worthy considerations,
can offer to you
proof that man's each word
told to a soul alive, be it heard
through laughing or tears, is right
then starting to live:
As thought in eternal flight.
Here the poet offers his idea that any word is just beginning life when uttered and released into human society and indeed it takes on the aspect of Thought in eternal flight. He does this self-disparagingly modest while acknowledging this idea is contrary to the perceived wisdom that the general public accept. That contrary wisdom holds that a word is only alive while it is being spoken and once it is issued/from the mouth/it vanishes in that moment:/Consumed and dead..
English version by © Francesca Chessa