In Memoria - Pamjati Poeta
Sedakova and Brodsky in Venice Dec.1989
Venice December 1989

In the year 2000 the Russian poet Ol'ga Sedakova (3rd left) published(a) a poem Pamjati Poeta (In Memory Of The Poet) - in memory of Nobel laureate and exile Joseph Brodsky (2nd right) whom she met in Venice in 1989.
  • The original(b) Russian text (PDF)
  • The Italian text - translated for the Sardinian cultural review NAE(c) by
    Francesca Chessa (1st left). (PDF)
Ol'ga Sedakova has written several essays on Brodsky: Three of which are available online ( in Russian [1 |2 |3], and mirrored on-site here [1 |2 |3].

(a) Nashe Polozhenie, Moscow, 2000.
(b) Druzhba Narodov, 5, 1998.
(c) N.A.E. Trimestrale di Cultura, Anno II, N.4, CUEC Cagliari, Autunno 2003, pp. 55-57.        [Home]